A Note From Ken Young, Author of The King’s Frog Hunter

“I started writing The King’s Frog Hunter for my daughter when she was a child. It was never meant for publication, but to be a whimsical short story about fathers and daughters.  And the characters had more to tell than I realized. As she grew, and the characters developed, the story became more of an example of strong females taking control of their lives and their destiny. This was a theme, or message if you will, that was directed to my daughter. Of course, my characters, the animals and people, (perhaps my subconscious), continued to lead me into deeper themes, including: honesty, loyalty, endurance, responsibility, service to others, forgiveness, meaningful relationships, and the ever-present insidious aspect of evil.

It took a very long time for all of this to mature on the page and finally become a completed book.

Do these characters have more to teach me – and you?

I think so.

Shall I unleash them again to roam free in their story, and our world?”

— Ken Young

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