The King's Frog Hunter


Boogala (boo-gah-lah; with a short “a” sound): a strange-looking animal that can best be described as a cross between a duck and horse. It is the size of a horse with a horse’s head, but with a duck’s bill and web feet instead of hooves.

Bubo (Boo-bow): a Great Horned Owl with a power and spirit to change lives. He was the indomitable friend of Thalmus and steadfastly helped and defended him.

Chorgen (Chore-gn): a nocturnal muscular beast, two thirds the size of a horse, which historically was bred for fighting and hunting by lords in Banyon and Toulon. The animal had large jaws with long fangs, big round eyes for night vision, had an extraordinary ability to follow a scent, was very fast, and could run long distances chasing its prey. A Chorgen never gave up; it stalked its victim until it killed it or was killed. They were very dangerous animals because of their unpredictable viciousness and uncontrolled aggression. People stopped breeding them and they became extinct—until men once again thought they could train them to follow commands.

Dallion (Dal-lee-in): a striking white and brown paint stallion who had a free spirit that influenced other horses and animals. Saved by Thalmus and Thunder from the quagmire of the Laundo Marsh he was forever devoted to his new friends.

Eidolon (Eye-doe-len): a silver-gray mare that was also known as Larma’s Phantom. It seemed to appear whenever she needed to ride and the two of them together were a formidable presence.

Radise (Raw-dice): related to Shadahn and was from the bloodline of the great warhorse Radisadan. She was a steady, experienced, horse that knew how to help a new rider with maneuvering and tactics.

Robon (Row-bon): a tall chestnut mare bred by a farmer as a racehorse to win financial stability, but he had to sell her to the army to feed his family. She understood the military training, but resisted the various soldiers who rode her until she was declared unfit and used as a pack animal. That’s when Shadahn and Ekala saw her, recognized her quality and strengths, claimed her, and took her to Larma Hollow. Ultimately, she settled in comfortably as Veracitas’ horse.

Salas: one of many wild or loose horses who followed Dallion. She was a gentle horse who was agreeable to people but chose to roam free. Now in her older years, she mainly stayed near Thalmus’ home where she knew she was welcome and safe.

Shadahn (Shaw-don): from a spirited bloodline of warhorses bred for the royal family. Ekala was the only person to ever ride her. Shadahn became friends with Dallion because of Thalmus’ and Ekala’s friendship.

Shell creature: a mix between a tortoise and a snapping turtle, but with more dexterity. It had a broad flat shell and webbed feet that gave it the ability to move on dry land and swim in the water. Adults could be two and a half meters in size and carry three times their weight. These unique creatures were wild and already rare in Thalmus’ time.

Thunder (see shell creature for description): the giant shell creature that was Thalmus’ companion and fellow frog hunter. It is not known when or how the two met but records are clear as to their loyalty and defense of one another.