North Point Publishing presents a young adult fantasy adventure

The King's Frog Hunter

by Ken Young

Readers will be swept away by the harrowing journey taken by the king’s frog hunter and his loyal companions, a Great Horned Owl, a giant tortoise, and a Paint stallion, who must fight to bring truth, freedom and honor back to the Kingdom of Ameram. The story draws on art and integrity, devotion, friendship and servanthood as beacons that illuminate truth and sharpen the sword against falsehood and evil.

In the ancient land of Ameram, where giant, man eating frogs lurk in the marshes of the valleys, an aging and vain king has succumbed to the evil that is grasping control of his kingdom. His selfish behavior blinds his wisdom, opening the doors of Castle Ambermal to a wicked sorcerer who uses smoke, potions and manipulations to steal the throne and power from the rightful heir, the king’s only child, Ekala.

The truthful beauty and accuracy of a skilled sculptor begins the chiseling that reveals an ancient prophecy and its guardian, The King’s Frog Hunter, who gathers a unique cast of characters to help the princess in her fight to save her father and the Kingdom. Together they embark on a dangerous quest that will challenge their courage, test their resolve and forge new friendships while battling to fulfill the Prophesy of Ameram.

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