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       In the ancient land of Ameram, where giant, man-eating frogs lurk in the marshes, an aging and vain king has succumbed to the evil that is grasping control of his kingdom. His selfish behavior blinds his wisdom, opening the doors of Castle Ambermal to a wicked sorcerer who uses potions and manipulations to steal the throne from the rightful heir, the king’s only child, Ekala. As the magician begins his plan to revive the power of a once-defeated order of black-hearted creatures, a sculptor of Stone Truth triggers a chain of events that reveal a sacred prophecy and its guardian, The King’s Frog Hunter. Along with his loyal companions—a giant tortoise, a Paint stallion, and a Great Horned Owl—the mysterious hunter gathers a unique band of warriors to help the princess in her fight to save her father and the kingdom. Together they embark on a dangerous quest that will challenge their courage, and forge new friendships while battling to fulfill the Prophecy of Ameram.



After battling the forces of the wicked Metro, Ekala Oleen, starts on a tour of the Kingdom of Ameram with anticipation of a pleasant journey, visiting with the people and correcting injustices. Instead, she is stalked by vicious night beasts and caught-up in a deadly trap set by the ambitious northern kingdoms. When she painfully learns how deep the treachery of evil still exists, Ekala begins to question whom she can trust. The mystic Larma, the Stone Cutter’s Daughter and The King’s Frog Hunter, with their powerful animal companions, join Ekala Oleen to battle the insidious forces rising to destroy her and seize control of Ameram. The fate of her prophecy and the kingdom depends on the strength of their faith in one another and trusting in the messages of Stone Truth.