The Mysterious World of Writing Fiction

Writing the King’s Frog Hunter has been a long and arduous, yet joyful, journey into the creative side of my mind. When I’m asked how I came up with this world and the characters of Ameram, my response is usually, “I don’t know.” Which is true; I just blame it on a mysterious subconscious muse. In reality, I think that everything (no matter how trivial), that I’ve seen, experienced, read and heard, buries itself in little fissures of my brain. These tiny bits of information hide there, for who knows how long, until they decide to pop out again and attach themselves to an idea that’s passing by. How, why and when these bits of data choose to reveal themselves is beyond me. I’m happy when they do, because they certainly make the work of writing enjoyable and encourage me to show up again tomorrow.

However the writing process works, the creation of the King’s Frog Hunter and his world has been fun. The characters have become friends –well, most of them — and I stay in touch, hoping they will turn out all right. The story locations are places I visit occasionally to see how they have changed or what they look like in different seasons, or who has moved into the neighborhood. Sometimes I get mail from a character or two. It’s usually about a great idea for a story, that they would be in, of course. I file these ideas away, thinking, well maybe, it could be a possibility. For now, I’ll continue to enjoy the mysterious world of writing fiction.