January 1, 2015

An interesting thing about writing fiction is that characters you have created never leave you. They are always there, somewhere in your gray matter, and will pop up most unexpectedly and demand attention, even when you think that you have put them to bed. The characters in The King’s Frog Hunter are no exception. They have been exhibiting this annoying behavior since I finished writing their book. I have been receiving requests from readers for a second KFH story. As I contemplate whether to write a sequel, my characters have been quite vocal as to their opinion. Since I value their input, I have decided to listen.

The Stone Cutter, Veracitas, tells me that he is experiencing trouble getting quality slabs of marble for his statue of the queen from the quarry in the Stone Hills above Marbala. There is a previously unknown vein appearing in the stone that is brittle and breaks during chiseling — an unusual and most puzzling situation.

Culinary reports that, despite his delicious cooking and Currad’s care, King Ahmbin’s mental state is slipping. The old king worries constantly about the failing health of his uncle, Lord Rundal, and the safety of his daughter, Ekala Oleen.

Rumors of a threatening army from Prince Bolimaz’s home country of Toulon, are not only troublesome but have caused a strain between the prince and Ekala.

North of the Sol Linden River strange, threatening creatures are appearing in the Wilderness of Toulon.

Most distressing is the message I received from Larma. It appears that something wicked is happening in the Dudoon Boggs; something that will threaten the peace and serenity of Ameram.

Boschina finds herself in the middle of all of these stories trying to make sense of it all.

And, where are Thalmus and his companions, Bubo, Thunder and Dallion? Still exploring the Barrier Forest and the shores of the Great Water? The hunter has been somewhat silent. Then again, he is a quiet, patient man, waiting to be called.

Feeling the pull of the mysteries, I traveled across the Great Plain to Table Top and up the steep trail to Larma Hollow where I found the tall mystic waiting for me. When her smile landed on me and her penetrating eyes met mine I knew immediately that I would be writing more of their story. That is the effect she has on all the characters, as well as myself!

So, I have begun the sequel and will be posting on this website my progress, interesting information gleaned from the Ameram Archeological and Research Institute, and tidbits as the story develops. Wish me luck as I journey, once again, into the world of the King’s Frog Hunter.