August 12, 2015 New Character Profiles

It has become apparent that the kingdoms of Toulon and Banyon are up to serious mischief. The young generations of royalty in those two countries are plotting against the Kingdom of Ameram.

As Ekala and Maz travel along the Sol Linden River to the Northern Ford, they are discovering turmoil and threats from across the river. New characters are appearing and pushing their way into the story. Some are allies, others are not, and I’m sure a few in particular will cause serious trouble for Thalmus, his companions and Ekala. I have also been learning more about Prince Bolimaz’s family and the dangerous politics of the Royal Court of Toulon. It will be a long struggle for Maz, the heir to the throne, and his followers to regain control of their homeland. I’m afraid that Ekala Oleen may be drawn into this intrigue because of her support of Maz.

The most disturbing news is what Thalmus has told me about Chorgens, the beasts that are stalking Ekala and Boschina. Long ago, the creatures were bred for game fighting and hunting. They were extremely fast runners, could leap long distances, had an incredible ability to follow a scent and were nocturnal. They were bred in different shapes, sizes and various degrees of ferociousness. Generally, they can best be described as half dog (for control and training) and half Hyena for wild aggressiveness. Some were the size of a large dog, but most were the height of a small horse. They were unpredictable, vicious beasts. Because the animals were uncontrollable, had no fear of humans, and therefore dangerous, people stopped breeding them. Chorgens had not been seen in many years and were believed to be extinct – until now.

Here are some brief profiles of new characters that have entered the story whose histories I have researched at the AARI (Ameram Archeological and Research Institute).

King Souma (Sue-mah): this is the third generation in the Souma line to be king of Toulon. He had a competitive relationship with King Ahmbin of Ameram and mocked him for not having any sons. Souma had three sons, two of which maliciously coveted their father’s throne.

Prince Sharpna (Sharp-nah): second son of King Souma of Toulon was always jealous of his older brother, Bolimaz; he conspired constantly to usurp him as heir. Sharpna married Princess Contra of Banyon to solidify control of the two countries.

Prince Tamar (Ta-mar): third born son of King Souma of Toulon, was an impetuous child of a man with an arrogant attitude of entitlement. He ignored tradition and was as devious as he was handsome. His fits of anger and rash behavior are well documented.

Lord Glasrauss II (Glaw-sir-ahs): First born son of Lord Glasrauss of Middle Field in Toulon; a powerful, wealthy family with large land holdings. He joined with two of the Souma sons to control the country. Records show that at various times in their history the family raised and fought Chorgens for sport.

Benton (Ben-ten): born in Northern Toulon of a farmer merchant family, he became a swordsman with a reputation for skill, power and integrity. He opposed the rising militant control of the country and fled to Ameram with his family to avoid serving in the army under the oppressive rule of Prince Sharpna.

Ned – teenage son of Benton – although he admired his father, he preferred the bow and arrow over the sword. He was earnest about his choice of weapon but lacked the training needed to be a skilled archer. Like his father, he was compassionate, believed in justice and was protective of his mother and sisters.

Nita (Nee-tah), full name was Nitanador: a surprisingly durable, short, elderly woman. She served in the household of the royal family of Toulon for many years until being released for voicing her opinion about the political shift of King Souma. She sided with Prince Bolimaz and his supporters and had to flee for her life when they were chased out. She had waited on Ekala as a child when the young princess and King Ahmbin visited Toulon in more congenial days.

Lander: a fierce Oleen warrior, a great archer, trained at Table Top, fought in the Great Battle of Ambermal with Larma’s army of Oleens and then became one of Ekala’s guards.

Kartaykars – a race of short, sinewy tree climbing people that were also changelings. Their skin was weathered and creased like the bark of a tree. They had long fingers and toes that resembled roots. A resilient and tough people, they protected, maintained and lived in the mysterious and deadly Grove. These creatures were rarely seen because they never ventured outside of the Grove, and most travelers entering the Grove were never seen or heard from again.